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A Peek into Sleeping Beauty’s Diary

Dear Diary, Oh my goodness….I have a secret to tell you! So excited that even I, Sleeping Beauty, cannot seem to get a wink of sleep! This week I am going to make “Princess Visits” to Princess birthday parties all over NYC!  I LOVE visiting Princess parties! All the little girls (and boys) love meeting [...]

Here ye! Here ye! And now a message from… Prince Charming!

Well, hello lovely ladies and gents! Prince Charming here today! On behalf of A Princess Visit, I’d like to address the #1 question parents ask when booking a princess party…..”What about the boys at my daughter’s princess party? Will they have fun, too?” Well, the answer is…YES!! All A Princess Visit entertainment packages are expertly [...]

Welcome to Guest Blogger”Queen”Carla of Mini-Munchers

Today we would like to welcome our guest blogger…”Queen” Carla Sullivan of Mini-Munchers! NYC Kid-Friendly Dining: Where to Bring your Budding Princess When venturing into the City with your Princes and Princesses – it is important to have a pretty good idea of where you want to go and when (you know how royalty HATES [...]

“Princess Prep”- a luxury sleep-away camp in London!

A Princess Visit LOVES Princess Prep: a luxury sleep-away camp for American girls ages 8-11 in London, England! “Taking inspiration from historical and modern-day princesses, the unique curriculum focuses on…culture & history, manners & kindness, charm & compassion, presence & poise…” For adorable “princess lessons” a little closer to home, A Princess Visit is pleased [...]

Princess Snow White’s Pick: Kids’Cooking/Baking Classes

From cooking up all of the Seven Dwarves’ favorite dishes, to making delicious desserts like apple pie, Snow White is quite the cook. So, of course, Snow White’s favorite NYC activity is…. kids’ cooking classes! Cupcake Kids! offers a wide range of classes, from cupcake classes to pizza making to holiday foods. They also have [...]

Princess Beauty’s Pick: Storytime at Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum and Gardens

Beauty from Beauty and the Beast LOVES to read, so of course her favorite NYC activity is storytime! The Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden has storytime the third Friday of …

Cinderella’s Pick: Little Princess Afternoon Tea in NYC


Did you know that Cinderella loves going to “Afternoon Tea” in NYC? Whether it’s a lovely “high tea” with the Prince at the Ritz-Carlton, or a more casual “afternoon tea” with her mice friends in at Alice’s Tea Cup, Cinderella loves all the different tea places NYC has to offer.Here is a link to a [...]